Üvegcentrum Kft. Is a 100% family-owned company, which we founded in August 1991 .

Our main profile was the wholesale distribution of architectural glass. To meet the needs, it became necessary to build a new site.
Today, we serve the public and residential customers who come to us under cultured conditions in a 1000 m2 indoor hall.

We had a significant market share in sales in 3 counties. Today, this has narrowed due to multi-companies, but we have expanded our services to close or at least fill the gap.

We have the largest selection of architectural glass in the area and a large stock, from which we are waiting for our partners with immediate service.
We offer a huge selection of fleet glass, up to 2-10 mm thick, colored cathedral or white cathedral wire inserts, mirrors in colored, silver version, palm and reflective glass, glass bricks, all additives, sealants, heat-insulated glass for decorative works, tiffany technology. We keep all kinds of additives for this. Glazing tools and anything needed for glass processing are always available from us.

We are already putting a lot of emphasis on services, as the needs of the population have greatly increased.
We undertake the following services:

  • Manufacture of furniture glass.

  • Grinding, drilling.

  • Thermally insulated glass making.

  • Everything we can do to meet the needs of our customers.

In addition to serving the emerging needs of the population, of course we also try to fully satisfy the needs of companies. 

We hope that with our more than 25 years of experience we can prove to our customers our aptitude and expertise.